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How much could you earn?

30% recurring monthly commission, with average commission of $60 per month for every referral. Get paid for as long as the customer pays for the account.

Help sign up just 10 customers, and you can earn $7,200 per year in affiliate income. With 30 or more, that triples to over $21,000 per year!

Unique links you can track, and special coupon codes that your clients can't get anywhere else.

We’ll provide you with product training and everything else you need to get ready.

What You Will Get As a Reseller

Real-time tracking in one convenient dashboard, so you always know how much you’re earning.

Constantly improving conversion rates –we’re always optimizing our signup funnel to increase sales.

100% satisfaction. We don't charge customers unless they get highly qualified candidates. Ever.

Dedicated reseller manager with years of experience will help you get the most out of our program.

Why Betterteam?

If you work with small businesses, you already know that hiring good people is one of their biggest challenges. 

Why not recommend Betterteam and get paid for helping them solve their problems?

Betterteam takes the complexity out of hiring for every small business.

Any small business can streamline their entire recruiting process with our powerful job posting, candidate screening, and hiring tools. 

Reselling Betterteam is perfect if you are:

  • An IT support and software consulting provider
  • Professional working with SMB's
  • Web designer and/or developer
  • Marketing agency
  • Software reseller
  • Accounting firm
  • Payroll provider
  • Business coach
  • HR consultant
  • Restaurant Consultant
  • POS installer

Are you an online marketer with a HR or SMB blog, website, or email list? You may be interested in our affiliate program instead.

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